Why Suritex?

  • We aim at recycling of scrapped electronic materials using the best environment technology suitable to Indian Conditions which has economic and social impacts.
  • We are the first E-waste recycler approved by Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) in Vidarbha.
  • We handle, recycle and reuse E-Waste in an efficient way using technology against technology.
  • We offer product pickup from anywhere in Vidarbha thus reducing your problem of scrap material storage and transportation.
  • We are working towards making the environment cleaner.
  • Recovery of metals, less mining, less deforestation.
  • No environmental hazards as in case of improper disposal.
  • A new economic activity leading to new jobs.

How We Are Different?

No Use Of Chemicals
No Use Of Water
No Use Of Fire Or Heat
Plastics & Metals Are Separated For Reuse
Dust Collection Systems
All Operations Are Mechanical
Zero Landfill
Complete Labour Safety
We Fight Technology Using Technology
Be Kind To The Planet & Also Get Value For Your Waste
Suritex Pvt. Ltd.
Local Waste Handlers
Eco- Friendly

Proper Waste Management

Actual Recycling

Human Friendly Process

Conserves Natural Resources

Government Approved

Bulk Pickup

Better Monetary Returns

About Us

Suritex Pvt Ltd (Govt. authorized E-Waste recyclers) aims at improving the situation of electronic and electrical waste management in India. It is the only company in Vidarbha which is actively involved in recycling of e-waste in a systematic & eco-friendly manner following the safety norms set by the Maharashtra pollution control board.

News & Updates
  1. Suritex Pvt. Ltd. team at Comp-Ex 2020, Central India's Largest IT Expo.
  2. Suritex Pvt. Ltd. conducts awareness drive on E-Waste with I-Clean Nagpur.
  3. Suritex Pvt. Ltd. organizes E-Waste Collection Drive in association with Anviti.
  4. Suritex Pvt. Ltd. organizes E-Waste Recycling Campaign with SFS Church.

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