Effects of E-Waste constituents on health.

ConstituentSourceHealth Effect

Lead (PB)

Solder in printed circuit
boards, glass panels and gaskets in computer monitors.
Damage to central and peripheral,nervous systems, blood systems and kidney damage.
Affects brain development of children.

Cadmium (CD)

Chip resistors and
Toxic irreversible effects on,human health.
Accumulates in kidney and liver.
Causes neural damage.
Mercury (Hg)Relays and switches,
printed circuit boards.
Chronic damage to the brain.
Respiratory and skin disorders due to bioaccumulation in fishes.
Hexavalent chromium (Cr) VICorrosion protection of
untreated and galvanized steel plates, decorator or hardener for steel housings
Asthmatic bronchitis.
DNA damage.

Plastics including PVC

Burning cabling and computer
Reproductive and developmental problems
Immune system damage.
Interfere with regulatory hormones.
Brominated flame retardants
Plastic housing of
electronic equipments and circuit boards.
Disrupts endocrine system functions
Barium (Ba)Front panel of CRTsMuscle weakness.
Damage to heart, liver and spleen.
Beryllium (Be)MotherboardCarcinogenic (Lung cancer)
Inhalation of fumes and dust.,Causes chronic beryllium disease or beryllicosis.
Skin diseases such as warts.