Why E-Waste management is needed?

E Waste
  • E-Waste is the fastest growing type of waste in the world. This has given rise to the need for E-Waste management.
  • It is a colossal problem already gaining momentum at a pace that's scary. Yet most of us aren't aware of its gravity.
  • E-Waste management is the art and science of successfully managing the thousands of tonnes of extremely hazardous electronic waste generated everyday.
  • In fact, E-Waste management goes a step further; it entails helping recover and recycle as much usable material as possible.
  • It ensures that all the energy and water used to produce these products is not totally wasted.
  • It also scavenges the rare metals, which aren't a replenish-able resource.
  • Thus , E-Waste management is not only beneficial but imperative.